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How do you and your school get the most out of Assessly? Check out our FAQ’s to help answer your queries or contact us if you need help.

Assessly For Teachers

Assessly is an Australian Curriculum aligned, real-time assessment tool for teachers.

Quickly and easily capture and collect evidence of learning on the go. Assessly’s smart, real-time learning insights gives you the data you need, when you need it.

Founded and created by an Australian teacher, Assessly is designed to take the unnecessary stress and wasted time out of classroom assessment. 

Yes you can! Assessly is a cloud-based web application and can be used on all smart devices.

All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

It’s easy peezy, lemon squeezy!

When you register your Assessly Teacher account and begin your free 30-day trial, you will be guided through a simple set-up wizard.

Thanks to the wizard, you will have added your class/s and students quicker than you can say ‘report time is my favourite‘.

If you are using Assessly Schools Edition, your students and classes will be added by your school admin.


The ‘Tasks‘ feature allows you to select multiple criteria from a variety of learning areas to assess in one place.

This feature has been specifically designed to support and encourage integrated learning, project and inquiry-based learning models. 

Once you have chosen a criteria to assess and are grading a student using the + icon, you will be given the option to capture/add text, photo and/or video evidence against that criteria for that student.

You can also upload other files types such as .pdf which is handy if you have scanned student work samples.

To learn more, check out our Support Guide on Assessing with Assessly.

Clicking on the ‘Insights’ button on your teacher dashboard will give you access to all your students’ data and collected evidence of learning.

You have the ability to view Insights by Student, by Subject or by Class.

Yes. Assessly allows you to export data as a .csv or .pdf.

The ‘Export Learner Profile’ function gives you an overall summary of an individual student’s learning progress and is great for forward planning or parent and student conferencing.

Assessly For Schools

When you sign up, choose the option that allows you to register as a school. After you have entered your details and confirmed your account you can get started easily with our set-up wizard.

The wizard will guide you through adding, teachers, classes and students using a bulk import method.

If you need more help, visit our support page or contact us.

Our simple start up wizard makes it easy for you to add teachers, students and classes when you first sign in to Assessly. 

Assessly for Schools also features an easy-to-use Dashboard where teachers, students and classes can be added, removed or modified.

For more information visit our Assessly for Schools Support Topics.

As school administrator, Assessly gives you the ability to view Insights by Student, Subject or Class. Simply select one of the options from your dashboard to quickly view the data that matter most.

Assessly is a proudly Australian company and adheres to Australian Privacy Laws. Essentially this means we will store and back-up all data here in Australia and will always do our best to keep you updated about data security. 

As well as password complexity requirements, Assessly also supports Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Feel free to check out our full Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions or contact us if you have more questions.