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Assess Faster
Assess Smarter


Assess your students faster. Collect evidence in real-time, when it matters most.

Save Time

Streamline your assessment with Assessly. Spend less time marking and more time teaching.

Curriculum Aligned

Assessly features full integration of the F-10 Australian curriculum.

Protection By Design

At Assessly, we take security and student protection seriously. 

Assessly uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), so you know your account and data will always be secure.

The digital well-being of staff, students and schools is important to us and we have designed our products to reflect our beliefs.

Assessly Features

Assess Faster

Don’t spend hours marking! Record the most up-to-date and relevant data on students’ progress on-the-go.

Assess Smarter

Work smarter, not harder. Assessly is simple to use and will integrate into your classroom practice with ease.

Capture Evidence

Capture photo, video and audio evidence to better understand, support and celebrate students’ learning.

Professional Growth

Use student data to develop your professional practice in the areas that are most relevant to your students needs.

Data Driven Pedagogy

Use meaningful data for differentiated instruction in real-time. Readily view trends in class, cohort and school-wide data.

Cloud-based Software

Assess your students and and access secure school and class data at anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Client Reviews

Assessly was designed to ease the increasing demands on schools and educators. We feel so privileged to play a part in enabling teachers to assess faster and assess smarter resulting in differentiated teaching.

Assessly will help me assess my students through all teaching and learning experiences. Being able to continually collect evidence as I teach, gives me the confidence as an educator that I am teaching my students what they need to know, rather than what I think they should know. As a special needs teacher, differentiation is vital and Assessly can enable me to do this with ease.

Each year teaching becomes increasingly complex. Being able to easily access and analyse individual and group data using Assessly is something that I look forward to. For me, it simplifies and enhances an area of my teaching practice, bringing great benefit to my students progressive learning.

For Teachers

Single User Account
$ 29 Per Year
  • 60 Day Free Trial
  • Australian Curriculum Aligned
  • Capture Photo and Video Evidence
  • Real-time Student Progress Insights
  • Class and Subject Insights
  • Cloud-based Works Across All Devices
  • Export Student, Subject and Class Data
  • Supports Differentiated and Modified Learning

For Schools

School Managed Account
School Packages Available
  • All Teacher Version Features: plus
  • School-wide Data Analytics
  • User/Class Management Dashboard
  • Archive and View Historical Data
  • Easy End-of-Year Rollover
  • Real-time Learning Insights
  • Personalised Set-up and OngoingSupport
  • Live Release Updates
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