The Teacher CEO

You can ask any teacher that is worth their weight, why they teach and the answer will be something like “I teach because of the students”. Some will say it’s the holidays (and they are pretty handy) however if you don’t love to see students grow, even the holidays won’t keep you around for long. 

The teacher’s personality is unique. It has to be. The is no other profession quite like it. Introducing the Teacher CEO (Classroom Executive Officer)

Teachers lead our future leaders. 

They are the classroom CEO to our future CEO’s. 

Teachers are the Operations Manager, keeping the day-to-day operations on track. 

They are a one person HR department, resolving conflict, nurturing collaboration and finding roles best suited to the people in their care. 

They are the Director of Communications, creating a culture of effective and supportive communication.

The Director of Sanitation (cleaner of gross germs).

The Nutritionist (no, jelly is not a fruit!).

Head of Resourcing, stocktaking and supplying writing implements as needed. 

Chief Technology Officer (what do you mean the USB has glue in it).

And teachers do all this and more while they inspire and nurture learning. 

We don’t teach for the accolades or for the pay, we teach because we know that it is high stakes and the world will be a great place if we put great people in it. If you are a teacher and you’re reading this, be encouraged that what you do is more than teaching and goes beyond the classroom. What you do is make our world a better place to live. If you are not a teacher, know that it is not easy. It takes a special person to teach.  And if you are a company looking to hire a new CEO. Teachers are a good place to start.